Prop H8

A friend from work sent me this article with some amusing, pointed writing and links to a few Prop 8 ads I hadn’t seen. I especially connect with the Home Invasion ad because the proposition does invade and violate the lives of committed, loving couples. Git off my property; git outta my life! Oh and as a side note, some Mormons out there do support marriage equality. Thankfully, there are still many members of every religion who haven’t lost sight of the need for a world with more love in it (I just wish there were more of those folks)!

2 Responses to “Prop H8”

  • Scott Says:

    These “churches” that espouse hate and bigotry? Are missing all of the Gospels of Jesus Christ. Hear that, y’all? You missed the point.

  • mcordova Says:

    I feel extremely fortunate to have so many loving friends and family of faith who actually do get the point. Yay for those family and friends and their churches! And Boo to those in the queer community who’ve been smack talking religion wholesale; clearly they missed the point themselves.

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