Indy beginnings?

Interested in movie pre-pro, dev or the beginnings of a great film franchise? Or maybe a hoax?

Entertainment Weekly published this article about this blog posting about a 125-page transcript of an early story meeting with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg regarding Raiders of the Lost Ark. Who knows if it’s true or not, but EW points out when they approached Lucasfilm for a comment, the Lucas rep declined to give one,”but did point out that parts of the document previously appeared in the book The Complete Making of Indiana Jones“.

This is one of my favorite franchises (I’m ignoring the fourth installment) and I would love to learn more about its beginnings. I never followed all the Making Of lit for Indy the way I did for Star Wars, but I’ve always loved the candid, naked and sometimes boring discussions that go into creating anything new, so I find the transcript fascinating. I want to believe…

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