25 Random Things About Me

From Facebook. Yeah, I actually took the time to do this. Actual list is after the jump…

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1. I enjoy reading other peoples’ tagged Lists, but I think this is the first time I’ve ever responded.

2. I love the Decemberists but I don’t listen to them in the car anymore because I can’t sing along with them. I try matching and it’s too high. I try an octave lower and it’s too low. Fortunately I can still listen to them at work, because I don’t sing there. It makes me sad and mad and scrapes up all kinds of insecurities knowing that I can’t sing along with the Decemberists.

3. I miss dancing so much, sometimes my body aches. I can still remember with every muscle in my body, most especially my heart, how much fun and excitement and thrill there was dancing for hours on end at clubs when I was 16 and 17. I guess I miss the thrill of feeling that young and alive.

4. I’m in a melancholy mood at this moment which makes for depressing facts. Must be the sugar crash after those brownies and cupcakes this afternoon. Let me go medicate with another cookie…

5. Okay I love chocolate chip cookies soooo much. I’m not going to lie to you, there’s something about that gooey chocolatey goodness fresh out of the oven that make me want to rub on things.

6. I also have a strange thing for trees. Sometimes out hiking, I feel such an incredible yearning to get closer to the environment, I get frustrated that I can’ turn into air and blow through the leaves or become the earth and feel the weight of all the green on me like a stack of thick woolen blankets… I think there’s some other form we should be able to take to get closer to the natural world. I think I want to have sex with trees. And there is actually a book out there a bout a man who literally drills holes in trees and has is way with them. But I can’t remember the name of the book. And I don’t endorse non-consensual tree sex. I can’t imagine any tree that would be okay with getting drilled.

7. I can’t believe this is only #7. I should really be getting to bed. I have to get up at 5:30am. I do that every M, W and F.

8. I’m completely addicted to YouTube and BlogTv. Even moreso than Facebook. Don’t believe me? Try this on: I spent three hours WATCHING SOMEONE SLEEP the other night. Well, and chatting with other people while we watched him sleep. It was like the Koala exhibit at the zoo: There’d be nothing to see and then a tiny movement and everyone would say, “Oh, how cute, it moved.”

9. Again with Youtube: I was obsessed in high school and am obsessed to this day with the inconsequential small talk and nonevents that make up the bulk of our lives. I’m fascinated by the ambient noise that we all create by just living. Back then, I was unconsciously looking for that one fleeting aha moment of brilliance buried in the mundane, but I always appreciated the mundane itself as being pretty brilliant. I tried to snatch those moments in writing and video as a kid and now I see fragments of it everywhere on Youtube. I find it ridiculously fascinating. I could go on…

10. Okay I will go on, kind of: One of my favorite movies is Short Cuts. Quiet moments, everyday events, chance meetings (or fate?), intersecting lives, actions and unintended or unknown consequences… Love. It. (And Raymond Carver’s not so bad, either.)

11. Okay one more: Another one of my favorite directors for all the same reasons: Gus Van Sant. He hits and misses, but even arthouse self-indulgences like Elephant speak to my desire to witness the everyday things. Last Days hit even closer to the mark. I’m waiting for him to completely nail it, but he’s got the right idea…

12. I’ve never been high or drunk. I sometimes wonder if I missed out on something.

13. Okay it’s lucky 13, I’m fading, but I’ve committed so I’m going to get a stiff drink (grapefruit juice – nothing slaps my ‘buds around like tarty grapefruitage). It’s 13 but I’m not superstitious. But now that I said that I’m afraid something’s going to explode while I’m sleeping so maybe I am a little superstitious. I’m going to make sure the oven’s off when I get my grapefruit juice…

14. Okay, I ended up getting water instead. I love water more than trees but not as much as chocolate. I only drink water, juice, tea and coffee. When my best friend Jason learned this, he famously exclaimed: “Michael’s off the pop!” (I used to drink tons of soda.)

15. I actually started an experiement last week: I’ve stopped drinking coffee. It tastes sooo good, but upsets my constitution and I’m worried about it staining the microfractures in my tooth enamel as I age. No I’m not kidding.

16. When I say coffee I really mean: Milk with sugar and a little bit of coffee. I grew up drinking coffee from as early as about five with my cousins in Peru. But for us, it was more of a dessert drink. We’d literally drink our coffee with a spoon. We’d put so much sugar in it, the liquid would become saturated and we’d need the spoon to scoop up the sugar that settled on the bottom. I loved seeing the crystals cradled in the concavity of the spoon, with a bit of caramel colored “coffee” rolling around over them.

17. …I’m pissed off right now because I was on #24 and somehow while I was chatting (and writing the list at the same time) everything since my last manual “Save Draft” got deleted. Thanks for no auto-save Facebook. Poopy head…. Anyway, where was I…

18. Coffee, cheese, chocolate, beer and wine… I love listening to connoisseurs talk about those things because they make those things sound so complicated and intentional. I guess what I really like is fine, artful craftsmanship. Food, film… or flawless joinery in a handmade cabinet. Sliiiide, kathump.

19. Saying kathump just made me think of the first naughty word I ever heard: Hump. I thought it was a funny word, but I remember being scandalized and titillated when I learnt what it meant. Now that I think of it, titillated is also quite a funny word.

19. Bedtime for me on school nights: climb in at 9:30pm or 10pm latest. It’s waaay past my bedtime.

20. My favorite accents are Irish and Kiwi. I love the soft t’s at the end of Irish words. And I love that they make “film” into two-syllables, say “aubergine” instead of eggplant and stress the second syllable of “shallots”. I used to live with two beautiful Irish women when I first moved to SF. They thought it was disgusting that I ate peanut butter. I’ve never lived with a Kiwi, but we’ve got loads of them at work. Great examples of Kiwi accents for me are Lucy Lawless and Zoey Bell.

21. My friend Chelsea and I actually sat right behind Zoey Bell (and Sydney Poitier – daughter of Sidney Poitier, and Quentin Tarantino) during a Grindhouse cast and crew screening of Kill Bill Vols 1 and 2. I was like totally crushin on Zoey, but she like totally didna even notice me, shaw. I first saw Zoey in the documentary Double Dare which was directed by a former ILMer who used to have the same job there that I used to have. I think I sent her an email or called her once to ask her to pick up some negative she had left there; the neg turned out to be from Double Dare which I didn’t know anything about at the time. The woman’s name was Amanda Micheli and she was nominated for an Oscar last year. See?!? Isn’t it crazy all life’s little intersections!

22. I love my parents. There, I said it. I don’t know if that’s weird or not. I enjoy spending time with them even though we drive each other a little crazy from time to time. And while we had issues when I was pre-teen, we actually had a good relationship through high school. I think my folks today are the cutest people ever. I love the little life cocoon they’ve made for themselves and I think they do too. It makes me terribly sad that we don’t get to keep the people we love around us forever. I wish we all had love bubbles that would keep the people we care about safe and sound forever.

23. I enjoy my job. I hear that’s pretty lucky. The only problem with having something you like is that you worry someday you may lose it.

24. I’m not gay, but my boyfriend is. I worry about losing him, too, sometimes. Thirteen years of together makes a hard habit to break.

25. It’s waaaay past my bedtime for a school night. Like I said, I should be climbing in bed at 9:30pm or 10pm on a school night because I should get up early. Tonight, I’ll only get 5 hours of sleep. Thanks a lot Facebook List thingys!

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