Nov 30 2008

Phoning folks

Phone banking. My first day of training I was completely hung over from overwork, coming off a 20hr day with only four hours sleep. It was scheduled to start 10am at 2278 Market St: a 30 minute car ride, 10 minute Muni ride and two-block walk from my apartment. I was going alone, I didn’t know what exactly I’d be doing and the idea of calling strangers to talk about a highly charged political issue didn’t sound like fun. I almost didn’t go, but…

Back in August 2008, polling numbers showed 54% of Californians opposed Proposition 8. Then Yes on 8 stepped up their campaign and really put the scare in people. October polls showed the Yes on 8 ads were so effective they had eroded No on 8’s lead and split voters down the middle. As a result, the No on 8 campaign finally switched off auto-pilot and started seriously campaigning. When I called them to ask what I could do, they said they needed people on the phone banks, so I signed up. Continue reading

Nov 29 2008

Gobbledy Guck

Happy Thanksgiving!

I tried a little experiment this year. I gave up my fave garlicky mashed tators for a root veggie stew (turnips, celery root, butternut squash, wild rice, cranberries) rolled up in crispy, flakey, lightly browned filo dough. Sounds delicious, no?

OOPS! Filo dough needs to thaw for eight freaking hours. OOPS! Filo dough needs come to room temperature for two hours after thawing. OOPS! It’s hypersensitive to overcooking. OOPS! I forgot to put the turkey day spices in the root veggie stew until near the end. That all added up to a fairly tastey if strong stew concoction inside a completely inedible rubber shell of filo. Sigh…

As for the rest of the meal it was lovely. Let’s see if this activates the salivary glands of you omnivores:

Mycoprotein veggie Quorn loaf in lieu of turkey. Mmmm… No, seriously. It was really good. I think I liked it as much as Tofurkey except that Tofurkey gives you more leftovers. I also made a tasty fruit stuffing with pecans, cranberries, apricots and toasted wheat bread. Last but not least, I made some gravy which I’m going to add to my year-round cooking. It’s crazy tasty and would go awesomely with smoked tempeh. Oh! And of course, I finished up dinner with store-bought vegan Apple Streusal Crunch pie and some Boulder Vanilla ice cream.

Anyhow, that’s my story. The meal literally took me from 3pm from prep to 8pm eatin’ time due mainly to being a one-man job and having only one oven to work with.

The rest of my weekend has been very mellow. I can’t believe tomorrow is Sunday already. I can’t wait for Christmas break to visit friends and family! My brain has already switched off at work; don’t tell the boss. Cheers all and Happy Thanksgiving! The full recipes I used are after the jump… Continue reading

Nov 23 2008

Flyer vs Flyer

November 1st, 2008, the Saturday before election day, I attended a No on 8 SF training session and an East Bay volunteer coordinator was there to give us some news and ask for our help. The Yes on 8 campaign had just completed a massive Oakland flyer drop targeting Obama supporters with flyers that had large photos of Obama and a quote from him saying “I’m not in favor of gay marriage”. (Never mind that Obama actually opposed Prop8.) To counter that effort, No on 8 printed flyers with Obama’s photo and stating his opposing to Prop8. The East Bay coordinator asked us to volunteer for an “emergency flyer drop” all over Oakland.

Now, going up to the front doors of complete strangers in neighborhoods I know nothing about is not something that sounds like fun to me. In fact, given this issue, it sounds like it could potentially be dangerous. But we needed to counter our opponents actions quickly and with the election only three days away, this was the way to do it. So I signed up… Continue reading

Nov 17 2008

Star Trek ends, Reality sets in…

It’s been a crazy few months! Here’s what’s been happening in my life…

Post election. It’s two weeks after the election now and I’m just beginning to recover from the emotional vicissitudes of having “won the country” but “lost my rights”. I understood from my junior high experience what it felt like to be bullied for being queer, but not until now have I had to deal so directly and so often with people who consider me immoral or disgusting, who hate who I am and don’t mind letting me know. And never before was I willing to admit that when people vote on issues like this, it’s a public referendum on me personally, on who I am and the outcome of these votes affects my life directly.

This experience (the election, volunteering for the No on 8 campaign) gave me a much broader perspective of the world I live in and a clearer viewer of the people around me and the work I have to do. The experience taught me I cannot let myself be invisible and I must find my voice and use it. I know we all have different parts to play and I played only a tiny role in this campaign, but I am inspired by the many faithful players around me and I can feel in my core that I’m just getting started.

But let me wind the story back a bit… Continue reading

Nov 3 2008

Prop H8

A friend from work sent me this article with some amusing, pointed writing and links to a few Prop 8 ads I hadn’t seen. I especially connect with the Home Invasion ad because the proposition does invade and violate the lives of committed, loving couples. Git off my property; git outta my life! Oh and as a side note, some Mormons out there do support marriage equality. Thankfully, there are still many members of every religion who haven’t lost sight of the need for a world with more love in it (I just wish there were more of those folks)!

Nov 1 2008

No on 8 Ads from work, sort of

Two weeks ago an acquaintance at work, Matt Baume, put out a request for help creating some No on 8 ads. He aimed to do youth-focused ads in both English and Spanish. Unfortunately, I found out about this late and wasn’t able to be involved – blast! Anyhow, Matt just finished the ads and they’re now up on No on 8’s youtube channel. Here’s one ad (Matt’s the first person who talks) and the rest are after the jump:

Continue reading