Jun 29 2008

Cinefex Ego Search

Iron Man just topped a half-billion earnings worldwide. It’s times like this I wish ILM owned the content it helped produce. It would be nice to get some extra financial love. Pixar folks get bonuses when their pics make big money (do any Pixar films not make big money?). Anyhow, I’m happy to have been involved with one of my favorite superheroes and happy it’s received such favorable reviews. And speaking of good press…

Cinefex, an industry magazine, featured Iron Man in their latest issue #114. Whenever I receive a new issue, I quickly skim for any of my shots (ego search!). For three years, not one of my shots has appeared in Cinefex (or any other magazine I’ve seen for that matter). I’ve had lots of luck with trailer shots and even VES and Academy reels, but I’ve never had a shot appear in print… until now!

Cinefex’s Iron Man article includes one of my shots as filler. Woohoo! Okay, it’s not a featured shot and not a big deal really, but it was a nice surprise to see my work in a new format. That said, here it is, in all its crappy print-to-scan-to-monitor glory:

Jun 18 2008

Gettin’ Married!

Paul and Brad marry at City Hall

No, no, not me. But my friend and former boss Paul Hill (above, tall fella on the left) was married this morning to his long time sweetheart, Brad (their seventeen year-old daughter Alex can just barely be seen behind Paul’s shoulder).

I believe this is actually Paul and Brad’s second time getting married. Continue reading

Jun 9 2008


No, this entry’s title doesn’t refer to any sci-fi movie stuff… it’s actually my cousin Vicky’s job title at the place she’s been volunteering. Even cooler, the Oregonian recently wrote an article about her work there. Volunteer Vicky the TechnoHost! Awesome! Congrats on the buzz, cuz!

Oh, and if anyone’s still looking for something sci-fi in this post, here you go:


I hear these guys have a killer library. Trying to volunteering there is futile, though, as they only accept permanent positions.

Jun 2 2008

New puppy in the family


Erin’s folks just rustled themselves up a pup. She’s a cute little tike. Does this mean Everett’s not the baby in the family anymore?